a fresh start

Seriously, enough is enough! It’s time to get serious.

Commencing Monday, 12 March 2012, I am embarking upon a journey to lose a significant amount of weight: 14kg.

My current weight is 84kg yet I realise I should be 70kg so there’s some work to be done.

You see, it occurred to me the other day that I have had many false starts and despite good intentions, never managed to lose quite enough weight and even when I shed a few kilos, never managed keep it off permanently.

But this time things will be different. For a start, I plan to record my experience through this blog.

And I will use a program called Bodytrim to kick start the whole process which I will explain in greater detail over the coming days and weeks as I learn more about it myself.

It will be a journey over 100 days and each day’s entry will represent one of the 100 ways I used to help achieve my aim.

I figure the journal will help me remain focussed on my goals yet it may also serve as a useful resource for someone else looking to do a similar thing one day. Hence, I will be saving not only my own life but perhaps yours too.

Kim | 84.0