One of the key methods I’m using to avoid eating the “naughty” foods has been the idea that instead of trying to “give up” something I actually replace it with something else.

So, for example, in dealing with my urge to drink Coke or alcohol I have simply replaced it with water.

Sometimes I may add a very small amount of lime cordial and a wedge of lime. But not often.

Or, instead of snacking on chocolate, I replace it with a very “lo-carb” protein bar or cookie such as those made by Bodytrim.

The thinking is that when I am tempted to go back to an old habit, I have swapped it for a new one.

Note that I’m not substituting entire meals with a “meal replacement” protein shake.

Whilst these too may have their benefits, all I am attempting to do is find a long-term solution to my eating of junk food.

And so far it seems to be working a treat.

Kim | 81.6

5 thoughts on “replace

  1. That’s great Kim, I have also started drinking sparkling water instead of soft drinks and I put cut up lemon in it and it is really nice. I feel like I’m not missing out and I don’t get bored just having plain water all the time.

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