portion size

It’s interesting that in the past I never really gave much thought to portion size.

I preferred to eat until I felt full. But whilst this is all well-and-good in theory, it’s very easy to over-indulge.

I would often eat more than necessary out of a sense of duty or obligation like when someone had made a nice dinner or lots of yummy things for afternoon tea.

But not listening to your body’s self-regulating mechanism of satiation means you inevitably eat more calories than required.

What’s more, many of those calories are coming from sugar which your body doesn’t even recognise as filling you up.

So I have made it a point to consume a little less at each meal and to also eat more frequently.

It does involve a certain mind-set yet it’s a simple change and one that’s proving effective.

Kim | 80.9


7 thoughts on “portion size

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