An excellent exercise in understanding why I often eat the wrong food is to grasp what sort of an environment provides a trigger that encourages poor food choice.

Now I know that I like free stuff. So if I see a can of Coke in the fridge that work so generously provides to its employees “free-of-charge”, who can resist?

Or when I go to the movies the habit had become to grab a packet of Twisties, an ice cream and a large frozen Coke. Sometimes a bag of lollies as well. Boy was I addicted!

And the selection at the service station, when you’re feeling a little peckish, is really quite limited. It’s pretty much a choice between chips, drinks laden with sugar or ice cream. Or perhaps all-of-the-above.

So no wonder I was eating a lot of crap.

Now, I have no problem ignoring the soft drink. I try to eat smaller meals more regularly so I don’t feel the need to fill-myself-up when I’m filling the car with petrol.

And, I take my own water to the movies so in fact I’m saving myself heaps of money too!

Kim | 80.9

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