just do it!

The slogan that Nike coined all those years ago still rings true even today.

It’s early on in my 100-day journey but one of the biggest hurdles was finding a powerful reason just to start.

After all, it’s often easier doing nothing, blissfully ignoring the ever expanding waistline.

For some people the prod comes from health issues.

For others it’s having to buy clothing in a larger size.

For me it was a combination of finally seeing the reality of myself in the mirror and the challenge to try what I thought was a different approach when I heard about Bodytrim.

But that was just the catalyst.

By modifying my way-of-thinking I was encouraged to make a whole heap of changes to my lifestyle.

Then, having begun the process, I was adamant I didn’t want it to fail again. So I started researching the topic of weight-loss.

And what I have discovered is itself startling and confronting.

But more on this later.

In the meantime, to anyone else putting it off? Don’t.

Just do it!

Kim | 80.9


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