I don’t envy the MasterChef contestants who have to prepare & cook most of their meals without the help of a recipe and under the pressure of a time-limit.

I say this because in the past month I’ve started cooking regularly for the first time in my life.

And in doing so I’ve come to appreciate both the guidance that comes from using a recipe and the satisfaction of cooking a meal for other people.

Of course, I still love it when someone else cooks for me.

But doing it myself allows me to control the selection of ingredients which is very important when removing added sugar from my diet.

The following chefs inspire me because they clearly love what they do yet make it look so effortless:

1. Jamie Oliver | his new app really got me started, especially the videos that clarify the “how to” so well.

2. Donna Hay | we own countless DH books but the new iBook version of her magazine is a joy to use on my iPad and the photography is amazing.

3. Stephanie Alexander | an icon in the industry, her Cook’s Companion is my “go to” source when using specific ingredients.

4. Justine Schofield | a MasterChef contestant from a few years ago, she’s down-to-earth & practical and has her own TV program, Everyday Gourmet.

One thing I plan to do is have leftovers from a meal so there’s less time spent cooking each day as well as an alternative to sandwiches for lunch.

Bon apetit!

Kim | 80.9


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