There comes a point in time when you want to do more than just walking.

It’s probably about the time you plateau in your weight-loss and you want to up-the-ante a little.

But running may not interest you in the slightest or actually be inappropriate because it’s high-impact.

This is where orienteering becomes an interesting option.

During the warmer months the orienteering clubs in Sydney run an urban version called Sydney Summer Series.

Alone, in pairs or as a small group you basically have 45 minutes to walk, run or sprint your way through as many of the designated 30 checkpoints as possible, in whatever order you choose, collecting points for your efforts along the way.

Spread out over a different suburb each week, your starting time is conveniently up to you, anytime between 4.30pm and 6.45pm.

During the cooler months they now run a “moonlight madness” which is essentially the same thing but on the Wednesday nearest the full-moon. Starting times are between 5.30pm and 7pm.

I find it an engaging way to exercise yet I am able to dictate how strenuous I make it.

Go on – why not give it a try?

Kim | 80.7


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