I’ve been reading-up on the whole area of nutrition lately and what I’ve discovered is how misinformed and misguided much of the “collective wisdom” is regarding vitamins.

You would think that in this modern era the research would have been done confirming the many touted benefits of vitamin supplements.

And oddly enough it has been done. In fact, quite extensively and thoroughly.

But we haven’t really heard much about the results. And it certainly doesn’t support the hype.

You see, our bodies are incredibly adept at manufacturing much of what we need from the food we eat and the sunshine we receive. Not from pills, powders and potions.

And sometimes a small change in our diet elicits a more than adequate response to any temporary shortfall.

For example, meat, butter, broccoli, spinach and orange vegetables contain plenty of vitamin A.

Foods like Vegemite, chicken, pork, beef, fish, liver, milk, yoghurt, eggs, cereals, brown rice, potatoes, nuts, mushrooms, spinach, and bananas all have a good dose of one or more of the B group of vitamins.

Vitamin C, the so-called “remedy” for our many ailments, is abundant in fruit & berries, broccoli and oysters.

Interestingly, many Australians are vitamin D deficient, myself included. But rather than gulp down cod-liver oil, a relatively small amount of exposure to the sun each day without sunscreen should be more than sufficient for most people unless you live too far north or south.

And our bodies make plenty of the vitamins E and K.

Yet, so far, the research only proves that vitamin supplements are probably a complete waste of money at best, and at worst, more likely to harm you than help you.

But don’t take my word for it.

Instead of reaching for the bottle of multi-vitamins, have a read of David Gillespie’s latest book, Big Fat Lies.

It opened my eyes!

Kim | 80.6

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