When I commenced my 100-day journey and writing this blog it was never my intention to make it public.

I guess I’m a fairly private person and my reasoning was that if I did fail then at least I could keep it quiet. Save myself the shame and embarrassment.

But after giving it much thought I decided to not only allow anybody and everybody to read my musings but to also have the link to each entry posted to facebook. So much for privacy.

I figured this way I would become accountable to many more people than just myself.

And in the process I can share my new-found-knowledge as I wildly careen around the corners and up & down the roller-coaster of “weight-loss”.

Little did I realise that my recent post on diet would receive over 450 hits, about 15x the average hit rate of my other posts.

So clearly it’s a hot topic that has piqued the curiosity of a lot of people.

Either they’re keen to know whether I achieve my ultimate goal, fall flat on my face following failure, or perhaps they too are looking for an answer to that age-old question: “How to lose weight and keep it off”.

So now, more than ever, I am determined to succeed!

Kim | 80.6


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