That greatly maligned component of our diet. To many it’s a dirty word.

Apparently it’s to blame for the obesity epidemic and so we’re told to purge our bodies of them, or at least most of them.

But do we really we really want to or even need to?

Thanks to Dr Atkins and his “lo-carb” revolution, it seems it’s all the rage to be on one of these diets nowadays: CSIRO, South Beach, Bodytrim.

Yet after trying it myself for 3 or 4 days I found it to be incredibly impractical and totally unnecessary.

In case you haven’t noticed, carbohydrates are everywhere you look and in almost everything we eat.

They’re very hard to avoid.

Cereal, bread, fruit, vegetables, legumes, mushrooms, rice, pasta, nuts, seeds, and dairy. Basically, anything edible that’s not an animal.

I love these foods. And as far as I know, in their unprocessed form, they’re pretty darn good for you.

Full of vitamins, minerals, fibre, anti-oxidants. We need them as much as we need protein and fat.

Exactly how much is debatable but at least half of what we eat is recommended as they’re essential.

Suffice to say that drastically reducing any carbohydrate intake may provide short-term gains but it will have long-term consequences.

Don’t be fooled by the smoke & mirrors of marketing. The only carbohydrate we must remove is added sugar.

Kim | 80.1

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