A good friend and mentor once introduced me to an excellent book called Coach Yourself. Thanks Luke.

In it, the author explains how the path to achieving your goals is likely to involve times when you deviate from your planned course. When you do, in fact, go off-the-rails.

The skill to staying-the-course is to realise that these occasions can be part of a feedback loop.

To treat these minor setbacks as learning experiences.

And then get back on track.

So, for example, having given up sugar, you may not be able to resist the temptation when eating out with friends.

You have a drink, or two – or three.

You pig out on entrée and main.

And then simply “have to” finish with a scrumptious cheese plate and a wickedly rich chocolate dessert.

By the end you’re feeling totally stuffed and thoroughly guilty.

Don’t stress.

Think of it as a speed hump. Not a detour.

Tomorrow is another day and rather than berate yourself and try to undo the calories or, worse still, throw in the towel through bitter frustration, leave it behind and start afresh.

You may need to exhibit some willpower at this point.

Because the sugar in your system has whetted your appetite for more.

But it’s all good. Just hang in there.

Kim | 79.4

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