It wasn’t so long ago that smoking cigarettes was commonplace and considered fashionable & sophisticated rather than toxic & deadly. Just think back to those old black & white movies.

It took decades of research, countless warnings from health authorities, endless court cases and eventually government legislation to get people to sit-up and take notice.

Nowadays, it’s widely accepted that smoking is not good for you. Not even in small doses. We know enough now not to delude ourselves.

Yet nicotine (an ingredient in cigarettes) is incredibly addictive and so once you’re hooked, it’s not an easy task weaning yourself off the substance.

In much the same way, sugar is a drug.

It’s in almost everything we eat, added to many products whether they really need it or not.

We have become so accustomed to consuming the stuff that we are ignoring the obvious health risks.

But it’s such an easy thing to become addicted.

After all, we’re introduced to it at a very early age. Some baby formulas once included it as a major ingredient although I believe this has since been banned in countries such as Australia and the US.

Fruit juice is especially high in sugar (specifically fructose) but without the added benefit of fibre that we get from an actual piece of fruit and yet we probably think of it as a healthy alternative for kids.

Don’t kid yourself.

If you don’t believe me, have a read of Sweet Poison by David Gillespie.

Then tell me how what you think.

And I challenge you to go completely cold-turkey from sugar for 2 weeks.

Then tell me how you feel.

Most people probably don’t think they’re addicted. So how hard can it be?

Kim | 79.1


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