Lunch for many people often involves grabbing take away. Quick. Convenient. Dangerous.

Because, unfortunately for me and my waistline, this regularly resulted in very unhealthy fast-food choices.

I know better now and prefer instead one of the following favourites:

1. Sushi | the sushi trains popping up everywhere are a marvellous invention. I especially enjoy ngiri, raw fish on rice, and edemame, a type of soy bean.

2. Sandwich | a simple vegemite sandwich or better still, red salmon with lettuce, preferably on whole grain, sourdough or rye bread.

3. Salad | the shop around the corner, munch café, does three terrific salads that I like to then combine: cherry tomatoes, baby spinach leaves & bocconcini, pumpkin with baby spinach leaves, goats cheese & pine nuts; and spiral pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, pesto & pine nuts. It’s like a great, big bowl of Italy.

Mmm. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it.

Kim | 79.0

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