Do you remember as a kid refusing to eat your vegetables? Think boiled cabbage.

Not being able to leave the table until they were all gone was bad enough but missing out on dessert unless every last bite was finished can be devastating to the psyche. Think over-cooked broccoli.

Pushing them around your plate in the vain hope they may magically disappear like Harry Potter vanishing up a fireplace using floo powder? Think little green peas.

And growing up doesn’t always make them any easier to digest. Think bitter brussell sprouts.

I, for one, have never been a big fan of green salad. Limp lettuce leaves. Unpeeled cucumbers. Oily salad dressing.

Come to think of it, I don’t enjoy cooked tomatoes either unless they’re part of a pasta dish like spaghetti, cannelloni or lasagna.

And the repressed memory of canned asparagus makes me nauseous at the very thought of it.

[please excuse me while I use the bathroom]

But vegetables need not be painful nor boring. Think corn-on-the-cob smothered in butter, a little salt & cracked black pepper.

And exotic new varieties have been introduced over the past decade or two with the influx of foreign cultures. Think bok choy.

Often roasting them makes them much more palatable. Think capsicum.

But not always. Think aubergine.

It may simply require a little imagination or a clever recipe from Donna Hay to involve them in a meal. Think zucchini flowers.

Vitamins. Minerals. Fibre.

No wonder nutritionists, dietitians, doctors, health gurus, and our parents still tell us to consume 5 serves a day.

So eat up! They really are good for you.

Kim | 79.5


10 thoughts on “vegetables

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  6. We ate beans blanched in lemon juice and butter last night – now that’s the way to cook them. And the chargrilled aubergine wasn’t half-as-bad as I had anticipated. Kim*

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