Having a clear vision of where you’re going is a powerful motivator.

In fact, visualising is a tool often used by athletes.

They imagine how they will start a race, then wind their way around the streets, pounding the pavement as they run up & down hills, dodging & weaving their way between other runners, accelerating at the end as they ultimately complete the gruelling course, successfully achieving their goal.

Yet that goal need not be to win the race. It might not even be to beat any other competitors.

More often than not it’s to achieve a PB: a personal best.

In a way, that’s what I do each week as I try to weigh-in less than the week before.

I’ve well and truly started the race but I’m still far from the finishing line.

And although I’m not even half-way yet I can see the crest of the hill. It’s spurring me on as I know it’s an easier, gentler downhill slope once I get to the other side.

I can just picture myself enjoying the spoils of victory.

Kim | 79.1

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