weigh-in | week 6


A small drop in weight. Nothing to write home about.

It is interesting that my scales indicate a body-fat percentage of about 20%.

From what little I know, this is actually a pretty good number.

It does beg the question, “Why is our weight such a point-of-focus when there are other important indicators”.

More on this in a later post.

Kim | 79.1


2 thoughts on “weigh-in | week 6

  1. I’m trying real hard not to weigh myself. I should at least take pictures. It’s hard to rely solely on weight. One could gain some muscle as well as lose inches instead of weight right?

  2. Personally, I decided to use weight as a simple, easy to calculate goal. It reminds me each day that I am targetting a lower number than what is currently on the scales glaring back at me.

    But if, as a result of exercise, you’re putting on muscle and losing fat then you may very well gain weight.

    Mind you, many people lose a combination of muscle and fat when they diet because they neither exercise enough nor eat enough.

    What’s more, your body’s weight will also fluctuate day-to-day from water retention.

    So, it’s a good idea to at least measure your chest, waist & hips once a month. This is probably a better yardstick than an overall weight measurement and will be the topic a future post: “measuring up”.

    Thanks for asking the question though as it’s very relevant.


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