Hand-in-hand with visualising achievement is celebrating success.

It’s similar to my system of rewards discussed in an earlier post.

But instead of giving yourself a small gift or depositing money into a savings account, its about having an experience. A bit like throwing yourself a small party of sorts.

Perhaps you treat yourself to a movie every time you lose a kg or two, minus the junk food & frozen soft drink they sell at the counter.

Or a nice dinner out with your partner when you lose 4kg, minus the sweet dessert.

The idea is that you deserve a pat-on-the-back for the big & little milestones alike.

But you don’t do it by having sugar. That would defeat the whole purpose.

So you might organise a weekend away when you make it half-way, minus the chocolates on arrival.

Or a balloon ride over the vineyards when you reach your final goal, minus the champagne.

The only limit is your imagination.

So what sort of an incentive would help you get started and then stay on-track?

Kim | 78.9

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