public transport

One of the easiest ways to increase your metabolism is to simply move more.

I’m not talking about jiggling your leg when you sit at the dinner table like you have some nervous twitch.

Rather, it’s doing the little things throughout the day that all add up.

Like using the stairs instead of the elevator.

Or parking your car a 10-minute walk from work.

So take this last idea one step further and use public transport instead of the car.

It may involve a little planning as you will want to consult timetables and leave a bit earlier.

I use this handy iPhone app for public transport timetables called Trip View Sydney. It costs $3 but there is a free “Lite” version available.

Because I’m super keen I also walk to the train station. This provides me with about 1.5 hours of light exercise for the round-trip.

Mind you, catching a train or ferry can also be very relaxing. I find it allows me to catch up on reading other blogs and posting to my own.

And it’s so much better for the environment.

Kim | 78.3


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