soft drink

I’m the first to admit that my greatest vice was drinking soft drink. And Coca Cola was my poison-of-choice.

It always had to be full-strength. None of these Diet Coke or Coke Zero wannabes.

I was so addicted that it wasn’t just the occasional can of Coke; here and there; every now and again. At my peak I was probably drinking, on average, more than a litre a day.

Yet I remember thinking to myself that although I know “deep-down” it’s not good for me, until they come out with some hard evidence that it’s actually bad for me, I don’t see the need to stop.

My logic was that if there is no actual proof of its ill effects, then it must be OK. Right?


Empty calories. Bad for your teeth. Full of dodgy chemicals. Heaps and heaps of sugar.

All very good reasons to avoid soft drink but none of them very convincing on their own.

But what a sad, deluded world I was living in. The same misguided, misinformed world we’re all living in, blissfully ignorant of what it’s doing to us. To our bodies. To our children.

Until I read Sweet Poison by David Gillespie.

At last, I finally I had my proof.

But more importantly, I no longer had any excuses.

Kim | 77.8


19 thoughts on “soft drink

  1. Wow, that’s great you’ve had a big turn around! Have you been through withdrawals yet? You may withdraw from the caffeine as well as the sugar. Good luck. Come join the facebook page!

  2. Thanks Nadine. When I gave up sugar last year I did have significant withdrawal symptoms similar to those described by David in “Sweet Poison”.

    This time around the withdrawals were much less pronounced.

    I have started drinking coffee (without sugar) but with full-cream milk (thanks to “Big Fat Lies”) so caffeine withdrawals are not happening.

    I have also joined the “Sweet Poison” facebook page and look forward to both sharing with and learning from others.

    Cheers. Kim*

  3. I pretty much have been forced to give up Coke. It really affected my digestive system adversely. So, it’s a good thing you gave it up now!

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