“Sit not morose on account of the turns of time; for patience, although bitter, nevertheless possesses a sweet fruit.” The Gulistan of Sa’di : Story 16

It’s hard being patient. I know its a virtue but I’m eager to shed this weight and I don’t want it to take any longer than it must.

However, conventional wisdom says that a good, safe, practical rate of weight-loss should be about 0.51kg per week. That’s only 0.1 per day on average.

But it seems so, so frustratingly slow. And it’s never a steady 0.1 per day anyway.

Some weeks the net result is nothing or even up. Other weeks it’s more than the requisite 1kg down.

I’m sure a lot of it has to do with water consumption & water retention combined with my level of exercise.

Heck. Even donating plasma every 2 weeks has a temporary yet significant impact.

I guess I just need to remember that most of the changes I’ve made are permanent and stop thinking of it as only 100 days.

So, I would like the LORD to grant me patience – now!

Kim | 78.6

11 thoughts on “patience

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  3. loved this post! it takes a lot of patience to get to any objective in life, but when our objective is weight loss it seems we are not willing/able to wait. Your post helped me a lot!

  4. Yes!!! Thanks!! I´ve already lost 5 kgs but it´s taking some time. Your blog is a great idea, Kim. I suscribed to yesterday to get extra motivation!

  5. Yes. I got to know about it in a course about behavioural economics!! haha. It looks good! 🙂

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