I love cycling. As a kid it would be our method of transport around the neighbourhood. We never thought of it as exercise. We were certainly not trying to “get fit” by riding our bikes.

But it has been a couple of years since I pulled on the lycra and pushed the peddles.

I remember the last time I tagged along with friends who said they were riding down to Mona Vale via McCarrs Creek Rd. It’s not a long ride except they kept on going to Palm Beach and I was too embarrassed to say I had had enough.

What I thought was going to be a comfortable 2-hour round-trip, ended up being over 4 hours. It nearly killed me because I was so out of practice.

Yet as the pounds have gradually piled on, I lost interest in exercise. It was easier to ignore it. To say I’ll do it again one-day. Just not to-day.

But I’ve walked almost every day since I started my 100 days and I’ve been running 3x per week for the past few weeks.

So last Sunday I decided it was time to brush the cobwebs off the bike again, pump up the tyres, check the brakes & gears and “just do it!

I wanted to keep it simple. Ride into the city and catch a train back. I knew it would take at least an hour and probably closer to two. I wasn’t quite sure of the exact route but I had seen a dedicated cycle way along Epping Rd so I had a vague idea.

What surprised me was how easy it was.

Perhaps the fitness I’ve developed over the past weeks helped me. But the uphill sections I anticipated with dread were a breeze.

As I crossed the Sydney Harbour Bridge on what was a glorious autumn afternoon, the sun glistening off the deep-blue waters below, I wondered why I hadn’t done this sooner.

What a beautiful city we live in!

I can’t wait to do it all over again

Kim | 78.5


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