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Caffeine is in an awful lot of food & beverages.

Having subsisted on Coke for most of my life, it’s been a recent phenomenon for me to drink coffee.

I always liked the taste when it was heavily subsidised by milk & sugar. So iced-coffee flavoured milks were a popular vice until recently. And coffee-flavoured ice-cream was one of the two scoops I picked. The other was chocolate.

But, I have succumbed to the influence of our thriving coffee culture here in Australia and I now look forward to my daily dose of caffeine.

Of course, I have learned to drink it without sugar. And I prefer full-cream milk which is better for me anyway.

But it’s interesting that I’ve effectively substituted one addiction for another.

Still, it could be worse. Much worse.

I’ve heard differing opinions about whether it helps or hinders weight-loss. But I figure if I only drink one or two a day then any impact will be negligible.

Mmmmm. I can smell the beans roasting now.

Kim | 78.0


16 thoughts on “caffeine

  1. Likewise – I decided I needed to start drinking coffee when I realised that if you visited people at their houses they’d offer tea and coffee but never Milo or hot chocolate! I began drinking mocha, then gradually moved on to full-strength coffee. I’d always liked the smell so there was a desire to also like the taste. I love me daily coffee now! I too have managed to cut out the addition of sugar, and I either have it black or, if I’m having a latte, made on rice or soy milk (cows milk and I don’t get along!). Oh, how coffee can make you feel so good about life! Lol 🙂

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