It’s been terrific having someone else to share this journey with. Someone who is doing the same thing.

Giving up sugar. Pounding the pavement. Eating healthy foods. Thanks Mal.

We check-in every week to see how many kg each has lost. Or gained, as the case may be.

It means we’re accountable to one another. Making sure the other is keeping on track.

He may suggest I blog about how weight-loss can be reflected in our change-of-shape rather than actual kg lost.

I may tell him about my latest research into the evils of polyunsaturated fat.

We’ll both offer words of encouragement, whether we’ve shed a few kg or not. Words such as “well done, “long-term view” and “you champion”.

It’s important having someone in your corner.

It’s nice to know your not alone.

Kim | 78.1


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