big fat lies

“Time’s glory is to calm contending kings,
To unmask falsehood, and bring truth to light,
To stamp the seal of time in aged things,
To wake the morn, and sentinel the night,
To wrong the wronger till he render right,
To ruinate proud buildings with thy hours,
And smear with dust their glitt’ring golden tow’rs” : The Rape of Lucrece

Big Fat Lies, the latest book by David Gillespie, really blows-the-lid on some widely held beliefs:

Firstly, that eating less fat is mandatory for weight-loss.

Secondly, that eating saturated fat is unhealthy.

And thirdly, that eating processed, polyunsaturated fat is healthy.

To fully understand why David thinks otherwise I suggest you get a hold of his book. But let me make a few quick observations based on what I’ve read.

Firstly, fat is a valuable part of our diet. For example, it’s necessary if fat-soluble vitamins are to be utilised by our body.

Whilst fat consumption cops a lot of bad press, carbohydrate, protein, fat & alcohol can all become body fat.

Yet fructose has the unique ability to sneakily bypass our appetite control system, entering our bloodstream where it is converted directly into fat.

Clogging our arteries. Showing up on our belly, butt & thighs.

Secondly, saturated fat got a bad wrap several decades ago due to some questionable research and a clear misinterpretation of those results.

Since then, through misguided government policy and some pretty clever marketing, we’ve been spoon-fed the third line: namely, that we should replace it with polyunsaturated oils (such as those found in margarine).

Yet this is a relatively recent phenomenon and is largely the result of food companies with a vested interest taking advantage of those erroneous conclusions.

This is pretty confronting information. It means that what we’ve been taught all these years is the exact opposite of the truth. That the information is no less than big fat lies.


But, as I’ve said time and time again. Don’t take my word for it. Rather, take the time to read David’s conclusions based on the very latest research.

Then tell me what you think.

Kim | 77.7

4 thoughts on “big fat lies

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  3. Well I don’t think I have time to read the book but I know about good fats. I mean it really is simple. Us humans just make it harder than it has to be. Eat natural, whole foods (fats) that have been around for thousands of years. IE: raw butter, olives, avocados, raw nuts, eggs, lightly cooked animal foods, coconut, etc.

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