Following on from my accountability post last week, I want to talk about community.

Although it’s not the one-on-one, personal follow-up that my friend and I do on a weekly basis, it is a powerful link to the world-at-large and remains a valuable source of encouragement.

There is the community of fellow “weight-loss” bloggers that I “follow”. To learn what tips & tricks they have used. To hear of their attempts & failures. But especially of their trials & perseverance.

One of the best I’ve come across is Sarah Wilson.

An Australian media personality and journalist, She is open & honest & incredibly insightful and is similarly keen on the whole “no sugar” thing. Yet she also writes about a helluva lot more.

Then there’s the facebook page created by Sweet Poison that I “like”.

A constantly updated resource with postings about new research and “sugar-free” success stories.

And finally, there are the people who follow my blog. Friends & family, and complete strangers alike.

It’s a chance for me to share my thoughts & feelings. My research & conclusions.

You’re welcome to question and disagree. But it’s my hope that I can encourage others to also eat a healthier diet.

Admittedly, it’s a relatively small contribution in the bigger scheme of things.

But I liken it to a spark that, in time, with continued dialogue, can become a raging fire.

That the universal sharing of our personal knowledge & experience can somehow enrich all our lives and help us to achieve our ultimate goals.

Thank you one and all.

Kim | 77.7


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