The poor old egg.

For the past few decades it has received an awful lot of flak.

Accused of being high in fat and cholesterol, many people promote the idea of only eating the protein-rich egg whites and throwing away the delicious yolks.

But I love eggs. Whole eggs. Yummy yolk and all. I’m not fond of the shells so I admit to throwing them away. The rest I eat. The way God made them. The way nature intended.

So I was particularly relieved to discover that the hype about cholesterol is just that: hype.

David Gillespie explains it carefully and clearly in his book Big Fat Lies. And backs up his conclusions with medical research.

The gist of what he says is that our body makes cholesterol. Plenty of it. So much so that when we reduce our dietary intake from animal products it encourages our body to make more to compensate. Much more. The end result is that we produce more than we need.

This is clearly contrary to the current “so-called” conventional wisdom. We receive a constant barrage from health authorities warning us to avoid cholesterol. The same people telling us to eat polyunsaturated vegetable fat instead of saturated animal fat.

However, the idea that eating less cholesterol helps us lower our body’s cholesterol is, sadly, another big fat lie.

Ironically, by eating foods high in cholesterol like eggs, meat and seafood, you’ll actually help your body control its cholesterol level naturally.

Over the past several weeks I have, unintentionally, put this theory to the test.

I now eat many more eggs and a lot less polyunsaturated vegetable oil than ever before and yet my cholesterol readings, recorded last week, are surprisingly lower. Or perhaps that should be “not surprisingly” now that I’ve been enlightened.

But, as David points out, it’s not so much a question of how much LDL cholesterol is in our blood but the actual size of the particles. The answer to this is much more relevant.

Without getting too technical, the upshot of all this is simply this: an egg a day can and should be considered good for you. So enjoy!

Kim | 78.2

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