Remember when you could buy more than one piece of candy for a cent? When a bag of mixed lollies was a feast for under 20 cents?

An old friend and I once found a one-dollar note in the gutter and purchased so many lollies together with a can of soft drink that consuming it all made us feel quite ill.

Aah, those were the days. Yet surely we’re older and wiser now? Aren’t we?

Hell no! Those bad habits and that nasty addiction formed all those years ago, responding to the triggers and giving into the temptation to needlessly indulge, has never gone away. Ever.

But we can’t keep eating junk food like we’re kids when we’re adults.

Better still, don’t eat such nutritionally vacuous “food” when you’re young. But try telling that to a teenager.

Ironically, because candy can be sold to the masses on the basis that it’s “low-fat“, we eat it thinking that it’s a healthy alternative compared to not only chocolate or biscuits but also a proper meal containing saturated fat.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

The sugar in those lollies will be quickly converted to fat without your body even acknowledging it’s potential to make you feel full.

Now there’s food-for-thought.

Kim | 78.0


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