measuring up

There is definitely an overwhelming expectation in our modern, western society that we should not be over-weight. That we must measure-up to a specific pre-conceived ideal.

It’s pushed by the media and fitness industry. It’s preached by the weight-loss establishments and pharmaceutical companies. It’s proclaimed by the government and health authorities.

But it can be so frustrating living-up to everyone’s perceptions of normal.

And I am just as guilty of this.

Imposing on myself a specific target weight as a goal to be achieved.

Thinking to myself that I need to lose weight because of how I look.

The truth of the matter is related yet quite different.

Our appearance is important not because of the subjective view about our appearance or beauty but because it’s an external reflection of our internal health & well being.

For me, being overweight is simply a symptom of my overeating. And in my experience this is largely the result of hidden calories in both sugar and alcohol.

If we can learn to cut out the first and reduce the second, then it’s no longer a battle of our will to achieve some pre-defined image but instead a gradual transition to a healthier, more sustainable and certainly much more fulfilling life.

Looking good thus becomes the pleasant side-effect of feeling better rather than the all-consuming objective.

Kim | 77.4

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