red meat

My doctor tells me my blood results show that I’m low in two things: vitamin D and ferritin.

The first I can get from the sun which I’ve been doing more of lately. Sitting outside as I eat my lunch. Choosing the seat at a café that’s in the sunshine.

The skin cancer folk may not be too impressed but I think their message about avoiding the sun has been taken to the extreme.

The second requires the consumption of more red meat.

This last bit of advice is music to my ears. The vegetarians and vegans will be none-too-pleased but unfortunately it’s difficult getting adequate iron from just eating spinach. There’s simply not enough in each mouthful.

I also donate plasma regularly. And even though this doesn’t generally result in the loss of many red-blood cells, if there was a complication during the process of apherisis, then there’s a chance I could lose some rather than just the plasma component.

So, I’m going to have to be diligent about eating enough red meat.

No doubt the Paleo Diet people will be impressed!

Kim | 77.0


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