bush walking

An excellent variation to walking and running is bush walking.

I personally enjoy it because it breaks up the monotony of walking the same streets of the same suburbs over and over. Of course, I could just drive to a different part of town which admittedly I do from time-to-time.

But we’re very fortunate to have the Lane Cove National Park right on our doorstep with endless trails making it too good an opportunity to pass-up.

It’s also the perfect training ground for the 29km coastal run we’re doing in September which will be through bush sections of the Royal National Park south of Sydney.

By running these trails we utilise muscles that don’t normally get much of a workout.

But, if for none of the reasons above, then it at least it gets me outdoors and into the fresh air and sunshine.

And that’s gotta be good for you!

Kim | 76.7

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