The dilemma is this: what to do when you need to make a delicious dessert for a special occasion?

Do you:

a. Simply resist the temptation (sigh), knowing that the long-term benefits definitely outweigh the experience of any short-term pleasure, and opt-for cheese and biscuits instead?

b. Abandon all logic and make the dessert regardless, doing so with enthusiasm and reckless passion?

c. Find some middle-ground where you substitute healthy alternatives, that are not artificial sweeteners, when a recipe calls for sugar?

I raise this question because there are definitely some things that I would still like to enjoy despite becoming sugar-free.

Favourites such as tiramisu, crème brûlée and baked cheesecake, just to name a few.

So I’m on the lookout for recipes that make these, or similar, desserts without using fructose.

One excellent resource is the second book by David Gillespie, The Sweet Poison Quit Plan. It not only has additional information and research about the pitfalls of consuming sugar but many useful recipes to help you avoid using fructose in your cooking.

Likewise, the I Quit Sugar Cookbook by Sarah Wilson has just been released as an eBook full of recipes not only for desserts but also kids treats, breakfast ideas & snacks (to quote her website).

(Phew). So now I can literally “have my cake and eat it too”.


Kim | 77.1


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