I have no doubt that I often eat when I’m bored.

In a similar way, I think many of us subconsciously look for something to do with our hands when we get a bit fidgety.

So too do I look to place food in my mouth just to keep myself occupied.

It used to be biscuits, chocolate & lollies because they were small, sweet and not too filling.

And drinking soft drink instead of water on the presumption I was thirsty.

But, now that I’m aware of it, I try to ask myself a couple of questions before eating snacks:

a. How long ago did I last eat?

If only quite recently (less than 1/2 hour) then I try to give my body a chance to feel full. Even then, there’s probably no need to eat within an hour of two of your last meal as it takes about 4 hours for food to be digested.

b. Would I eat if it wasn’t so sweet or yummy?

If I’m not willing to eat boring food then I’m probably not hungry enough.

Over the past 10 weeks I have become more and more aware of this aspect of my diet.

It can be a mind-game at times. But I love playing games. So once the rules are clearly established then the challenge is on.

Now all I want to do is try to win.

Yet fair play and enjoyment of the game is even more important!

Kim | 76.6

3 thoughts on “boredom

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