take away

Konnichi wa!

Whilst fast food is more likely than not to be an unhealthy meal option, there are quite a number of take away selections that are excellent choices.

My three favorites are:

1. Sushi | as previously mentioned in my lunch post.

2. Ramen | a Japanese soup-like wheat noodle dish served in a large bowl. The broth is either meat- or fish-based and flavoured with soy sauce or miso and may contain a variety of other ingredients such as pork or vegetables. Very filling!

3. Chicken laksa | a Malaysian soup-like noodle dish also served in a large bowl. However, the broth is a coconut-based curry and flavoured with a sambal chilli paste. Equally filling!

The fact that I love these sorts of meals is perfect as I will be living in Tokyo for the next three months, departing in one week.

But this blog will continue to be updated together with my travel photography blog.


Kim | 76.2


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