For many people, consuming dairy products is simply not an option. Sadly, for them, lactose intolerance is quite widespread in most regions of the world, particularly Asia.

However, it is much less prevalent in Australia because our ancestry is predominantly Northern European and Middle Eastern.

Despite my wording it is not a disease but a genetic predisposition that often develops in adulthood.

Fortunately, the sugar that causes all our weight woes is fructose not lactose. Which is just as well as I enjoy drinking milk and eating yoghurt.

The former on my cereal or with my coffee. The latter on my cereal or as a quick, healthy snack.

Yet one change I’ve made recently is switching from skim milk to full-cream milk. Because what I’m reading suggests we’re being told big fat lies.

Now I realise this flies in the face of what we’re taught regarding saturated fats. And that an entire industry has been built around all these reduced- and low-fat alternatives.

And you may also be surprised at how much sugar is then added to these highly processed foods.

Despite the talking-heads telling me to eat less fat and sugar “in moderation”, I’m losing weight and have lowered my blood-cholesterol levels by actually eating more eggs and nuts than ever before!

What’s more, I’ve replaced margarine with butter. Not only does it taste much nicer but it doesn’t contain the unhealthy processed polyunsaturated fats I’m referring to.

I’ve also had to kick-the-habit of grabbing a low-fat iced-coffee milk packed full of sugar in the morning. Instead I have a large, full-cream milk latte without any added sugar.

A great way to start the day!

Kim | 76.1


7 thoughts on “dairy

  1. Great info…I rarely if ever eat sugar…my tummy can’t handle it much. Yea butter is way better than margarine 🙂

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