goals | june

I was reading someone else’s blog this morning where they were talking about setting new goals for the month of June having just evaluated their previous month’s goals.

This is a very clever idea. It’s a long enough time-frame to achieve something meaningful yet short enough that you can remain focussed and determined.

So with his is mind I’m also setting some new goals for June:

1. weigh-in at 74kg

2. learn 100 new words of Japanese vocabulary
3. learn to read entire Japanese Hiragana alphabet
4. learn to read entire Japanese Katakana alphabet
5. learn to read 100 Japanese Kanji characters

6. photograph and process images daily
7. update both my blogs daily
8. exercise every day during the week, and

9. Skype the family daily whilst I’m overseas

That should keep me busy and active!

Kim | 77.3


4 thoughts on “goals | june

  1. I did not know you had another blog! It’s really good also! I’m following both now. Good luck on the June goals šŸ™‚

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