It’s just as well I like fish (aka sakana in the local “lingo”) because there’s plenty of it in Japan.

It’s obviously very popular raw as both sushi (ngiri) and sashimi. But they do like to cook it too as we experienced the other night.

And, being an island with a very large population, all available land is at a premium. Thus, farming happens less and fishing more.

The result is that meat is generally very expensive, even in the supermarket, as it is often imported. Fortunately the quality appears to be excellent offsetting this somewhat.

The fact that fish can also taste good and is full of omega-3 fatty acids is an added bonus.

So it looks like fish will be on the menu in a big way over the next 3 months.

Kim 77.4

5 thoughts on “fish

  1. I absolutely LOVE fish! Raw, cooked, sealed, you name it! You are so lucky to be at a fish-dominated country haha. Yummy!

  2. Haha, i bet you do! Fortunately, meat is not my thing at all, so I envy you being surrounded by fish fish fish!! And everything about oriental food must be delicious and extremely healthy!!

  3. Yes, very healthy. Although they do seem to have a thing for processed food too which I am simply ignoring given the vast assortment of good food joints! Kim*.

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