I’ve never really been one for doing laps of a swimming pool.

Whilst I enjoy “going for a dip” as much as the next person, I find swimming up and down the lanes of a pool doesn’t do it for me.

I find it boring.

I generally end up out-of-breath.

And it can be real hassle sharing the lane with other swimmers.

However. To counter my pathetic excuses.

It can be mentally therapeutic as my mind is freed up to contemplate “life, the universe & everything”.

It’s a good source of cardio-vascular fitness that will improve my lung capacity.

It’s a low-impact exercise that acts as excellent cross-training.

Whilst I don’t love it, I have done it before. And I have to admit that it wasn’t all that bad once I got into a routine.

What’s more, as summer starts to hot-up here in Tokyo, I may want to find a cool refreshing pool as an alternative to sweltering in the heat & humidity.

Kim | 76.6

8 thoughts on “swimming

  1. swimming is my absolute favourite place in the world ! the thought that no-one can contact me because my head is underwater, the feeling of being buoyant, the ultimate re-fresher … love it. i could swim forever ! you’ll love it in tokyo !


  2. Well, I don’t swim as fast or as often as I used to, but there’s nothing better for you than swimming. Walking is good, but running can give you shin splints and shakes your inards. Laps ARE boring. I usually hum. I’ll swim in any clear water, unlike when I was a kid and would jump into any dark lake or murky river…If you can’t find a public pool, you might try a university/college for one.

  3. Thanks. I actually love running. I have had shin splints in the past so I’m very careful not to overtrain. But I’ll keep looking for the pool. Your idea is a good one. Kim*

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