I find that passing certain milestones is a great motivation. In the same way that setting clear and concise goals helps me achieve them.

For me, every time the scales drop another kg is one such milestone.

It’s exciting. It’s a relief. But it can be painstakingly slow to get there. Yet this makes success that much sweeter.

I guess that’s why I also feel the need to reward such achievements, no matter how small they are.

A milestone thus gives me a psychological barrier. Assisting me to remain disciplined. Discouraging me from reversing any of that success. Yet understanding full-well there is always some give-and-take with the scales.

Running for a longer period of time is my other major benchmark. The simple accomplishment of adding another 5 or 10 minutes to the total of my longest run each week is one I like to celebrate.

Yet milestones need not be weight-loss related. I think it’s important to have other ones. Hence why I set some new goals recently.

Learning additional Japanese vocabulary and being able to read more Kanji characters has become my latest focus.

In this way, I’m exercising the mind as well as the body.

What goals have you set for yourself? And what are the milestones you like to check-off along the way?

Kim | 76.4


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