I posted last month about eggs so this proves they came before the chicken.

Of all the different types of flesh I eat, chicken is definitely the one most frequently consumed.

And it’s not really because of any conscious effort to select it over other meats.

It’s probably more the case of it being in more recipes we choose to cook when we’re at home.

And it’s no different here in Japan.

Between eating yakitori and yakiniku it’s easy to forget their are other options besides chicken.

But boy do they do like their chicken. All of it!

Heart. Gizzards. Liver. Skin. Wing. Tail. Small intestines. Cartilage.

I haven’t been game to try anything but the regular meat and the wings. But I know I should. At least before I pass judgement.

Wish me well.

Kim | 75.8

3 thoughts on “chicken

  1. Try it all!!! Do it for your readers, who don’t have authentic Japanese cuisine available haha!!

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