I’ve always intended to write a post about this but a fellow blogger posted something recently which reminded me. So thanks Amy.

Anyway. The “comment” I left on her post said:

“I was remarking to a friend today that the best sort of exercise is one that happens incidentally, when we’re doing something we already enjoy and it simply occurs as a natural consequence. Much like what happens when you’re a kid.”

For many of us, myself included, exercise does not come naturally. It’s an effort.

Getting out of bed at the crack-of-dawn to go for a run is about as fun as visiting the dentist. We tend to avoid it at all cost.

But if we can manage to do something to burn a few calories without really thinking about it then we’re well on the way to leading a healthier lifestyle.

Combine it with giving up junk food and you’ll never look back.

As I mentioned at the very start, walking is great if you want to lose weight.

Now I realise it ain’t no power walk that I’m proposing here. But it does involve movement. And I often do it for an hour or 5.

So four things that I love to combine with walking include:

1. Photography | for me the easiest thing in the world right now is strolling around Tokyo taking photographs.

2. Reading | another favourite pastime is the simple pleasure of kicking back, in the armchair, legs curled up beneath me, with a really good book. Yet if I’m able to get some fresh air and a bit of vitamin D then I’m killing four birds with one stone.

3. Blogging | writing & re-writing and editing & re-editting posts takes time and so multitasking has become the name-of-the-game.

4. Studying | using a flash card app not only helps me to learn Japanese but allows me the freedom to do it on-the-go.

You have to admit, all of this is a damn sight more energetic than sitting in a chair at the office or watching TV at home or going out to the movies. And yet I still do all of those things too.

But nowadays, if the weather permits, you’re more than likely going to see me out-and-about, pounding the pavement, and shedding the pounds.

Kim | 75.6

4 thoughts on “play

  1. I enjoy walking immensely! But, around my neighborhood I don’t get the chance to do it very often as it is not friendly for strollers.
    I love to read you because you seem to enjoy every single thing you do! It is very much inspiring Kim so thanks for sharing!
    PS: I love your travel blog!!!

  2. Excellent post! I’ve never really thought about the energy you burn through with the rest of life’s activities – My focus has been trying to find “fun exercise”, but maybe we should all just be doing what we love “harder”…

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