I like nothing better than a challenge. I’m incredibly competitive and I love to achieve.

And I think this drive has helped me succeed in losing weight.

But, it’s not the sole reason. In fact, it’s probably not even the primary reason.

Because our mind is a funny thing.

You see for a long time I used to tell myself that I would “go on a diet” if I had a strong enough incentive to keep me focussed.

A reward. A prize. Something to aim for. And ideally someone to compete against.

I now realise that this really wasn’t necessary at all.

Yes. Those things help. Any little thing can help somewhat.

And the sum can help a whole lot more.

But I have found the mental aspect to be a minor part of the equation.

Exercise too has had an impact. But it’s been more important for my health than my weight-loss.

The biggest factor by far has been what I eat. Or more importantly, what I don’t eat.

That long list can be found here.

Yet for the most part, the one common factor is simply sugar.

Kim | 75.1


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