personal trainer

Without a doubt the best way to improve at something is to have a coach in our corner.

A personal trainer. An expert. A master.

Although not a direct translation, someone who has mastered the art through years of experience and accumulated wisdom is called a sensei in Japanese.

I like that term. Because studying without the assistance of a teacher is difficult.

I’m currently trying to do it with the Japanese language and there is only so much you can absorb from a book.

So it got me thinking about how this applies to physical fitness.

Sure we can start an exercise regime commencing with walking and progressing onto running. But there’s always the risk that we will overtrain.

For example, if it wasn’t for the sage advice of some experienced runners on a forum recently, I’m sure I would have increased my total weekly mileage much too quickly.

Instead, I have held back by incrementally raising the number of minutes each week by about 10%. A hard thing to do once you feel fit and strong and eager to push yourself.

But of course the opposite can be said for swimming. Where an effective coach can assist with stroke correction and devise a training schedule that steadily increases your capacity to go further and faster.

Thus they push us just that little bit harder, providing useful feedback so we can take full advantage of each and every workout.

A personal trainer can be particularly beneficial in getting our head around what may appear to be an insurmountable obstacle.

We may not think we have the strength or the stamina or the will to achieve a particular outcome. But a good coach will assist us to deal with our demons. To reach inside and find that drive and determination to succeed.

For me an excellent source of new ideas and initiatives is Michael Jarosky. A personal trainer who went from flab-to-fab, I like the fact that he’s willing to buck-the-trend and say what’s really on his mind.

I find his articles a breath-of-fresh-air as he questions the status quo. Such as this one on cardio.

So who pushes you to go that extra mile? Or reign you in if your over-doing it?

Kim | 74.1


4 thoughts on “personal trainer

  1. Sometimes its me…but me also gets extra lazy…personal trainers are just so expensive…but at the pool i follow my coach Patty

  2. Yes, you’re quite right, they can be expensive. That’s why my first port-of-call is the Internet when I’m seeking advice.

    But using a coach for your swimming like you do is exactly what I’m talking about anyway. So well done!

    One way of reducing the cost of a personal trainer may be to have a friend or two or three also work out with you at the same time. That way you can share the expense. Kim*

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