leaders & followers

My father always taught me that there are essentially two types of people in this world: leaders & followers.


Personally, I think this statement is far too simplistic.

True, there are some people who are naturally gifted leaders. And others who shun any such role.

Yet there are times when most of us will have to step-up to the plate. Such as when we become a parent.

We may not feel comfortable doing it. Yet do it we must.

My father also said that a leader must first learn to follow.

This statement, unlike the first, is right on-the-money.

Even the highest ranking officer must answer to a superior. And how can a soldier command if they haven’t first learned to obey?

In a round-about way this brings me to the purpose of my post. Over the past several months I have enjoyed sharing my adventures, be it the journey to lose weight or my experiences whilst travelling overseas.

Yet I have also been richly rewarded through reading other blogs from within this community of fellow-sojourners; whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.

So not surprisingly, a recent post on the subject of like, comment & follow by a wonderful blogger got me thinking.

My personal instinct is to LIKE a post if I agree with it or I think it’s interesting or if it has some salient points.

If I honestly believe I can contribute something to the conversation, or perhaps help in some small way, I will leave a COMMENT. Even if it’s just a few, simple words of encouragement.

And when I discover a blogger who has something worthwhile to say, I will gladly FOLLOW them. That way I can receive regular updates and watch their progress and development.

Because even if I don’t agree with everything they post, I still gain from their wisdom.

And it’s nice too knowing that other people are benefitting from my humble opinions and meagre offerings.

But I’m so convinced that the message about sugar is critically important to our health and wellbeing that I want more and more people to hear about it.

I realise this will take time. But, as with any fire, it has to begin with a spark.

So my objective over the next 100 days is to add 100 new followers.

It’s not a selfish goal. Even though I write this blog for myself as much as for you.

Because good leadership is an act of service. Not domination.

And I feel this is consistent with my desire to increase the number of followers.

I want to help others learn about good nutrition and appropriate exercise that will ultimately result in their consistent and sustainable weight-loss.

So please, if you can spread the word about this blog to friends and family and co-workers, I would really appreciate it.

And let’s see if we can all grow in our knowledge and understanding. Together.

Thank you.

Kim | 74.7

5 thoughts on “leaders & followers

  1. You are so right about sugar! It is poisoning us… thanks for sharing your journey 🙂

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