weigh-in | week 15


An excellent result despite possibly eating too well.

I’ve tried to make an effort these past few months to not count calories.

Instead, my focus has been on eating reasonably healthy food and listening to my appetite.

I feel this is more natural than the pedantic measuring and calculating which many people do. Although if it works for them then by all means do it.

But it’s not how the population used to eat. Before we started piling on the pounds.

And I’m guessing it’s not how we want to eat either.

Personally, I would much prefer to consume food according to my built-in hunger mechanism.

And the results suggest it has worked pretty well so far.

But how about you? Are you a slave to the latest diet? Or are you willing to trust your body?

Kim | 74.6


8 thoughts on “weigh-in | week 15

  1. I think theres too much focus these days on ‘calorie counting’… Its all about making informed decisions and occasionally giving into that treat (like I did last night…). Stick with it! El

  2. Trust your body…I (now) trust mine! I’m anti-calorie counting, too! Way too time consuming and really not all that efficient. Great determination, Kim!

  3. Hi! I like your blog!:) I’m sure that we should trust our bodies, they always know better…if they’re healthy. I know that my body now suffers from a set of bad habits, and it’s probably wouldn’t be wise to trust it now. But it’s amazing how fast it responds to any positive changes that I do. Since I began to chew food longer I noticed that unhealthy food doesn’t seem so tasty anymore. I also began to eat less, and when I get up from the table I feel satisfied. And the best diet, I think, is a healthy diet. All we need to be slender and beautiful is a healthy body.

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