I realised the other day how significant a role music pays in motivating me.

I listen to music as I walk. When I’m driving. If I catch public transport.

And especially when I run.

Over the years I’ve acquired quite a number of songs. And recently created a couple of favourite playlists: driving and marathon.

The first is generally for the car but not exclusively. The second is for training and eventually running a half-marathon.

And so, over the next 100 days, I’m going to randomly select a number of these songs to share with you a thought or two on why they’re significant to me or simply why I like them.

I will also add their lyrics at the end of each post for easy reference. I always like to know exactly what’s being sung.

Kim | 74.8

2 thoughts on “music

  1. Great post!!! I also love music when running and created a special playlist for my half marathon few days ago. Yea do share your running playlist :).

please let me know your thoughts

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