reasons to skip sugar

Seems like the media are finally catching on to the real story behind sugar.

Have a read of this article if you want to know more about why it’s better not to eat the stuff.

Then tell me what you think. Or please feel free to ask me questions if you have any.

Kim | 74.0


5 thoughts on “reasons to skip sugar

  1. Interesting article, Kim, thanks for sharing! I’ll have to admit, though, that I am reluctant to give up sugar 100%… I feel like if I deprive myself from it, I’ll become more anxious about it and end up binging whenever it is around. I must change this way of thinking but it’s hard!!! Have you given it up completely?

  2. Mmmmm. Yes, you could say I’ve given it up completely. But that’s not entirely true. Because it’s still in almost every processed food we eat e.g. bread.

    And if I’m out enjoying a nice lunch at say Ristorante la Brianza and they provide a small dessert as part of the meal then I simply can’t resist.

    But I have given up completely soft drinks and snacking on chocolate and fruit juice and lollies (candy) and sugar-laden iced-coffee milk. These were my biggest vices. And all things I have blogged about.

    I am conscious that it’s very easy for me to become lazy and addicted to sugar again. So I keep vigilant. But I try not to be a “wet sponge”: putting a dampener on special occasions by refusing a small piece of cake etc.

    I firmly believe the stuff is as bad for us as tobacco. We as a population just don’t know it yet. The education is slow in coming and there are always people eager to call us killjoys.

    Yet I also know how addictive it is from a personal point-of-view AND how successful I have been in losing weight by removing it from my diet.

    So my suggestion is to go cold-turkey for a couple of weeks and see if you lose the cravings. Then it’s not so much of a mental effort to resist because you don’t actually lust after it anymore.

    It doesn’t mean you miss out on all things sweet either. And in fact, food in general will taste a lot sweeter when you do give it up.

    I know this is a long-winded answer but it’s an excellent question and the whole point of my creating this blog so thank you for asking. Kim*

  3. Check this blog post out, Kim! It contributes to the point you’re making:

    As bad as tobacco? wow! I had never heard that!
    I firmly believe sugar is EXTREMELY addictive! My compulsion with it is proof enough. I’m only scared of going cold turkey and coming back to being anxious from the depriving, and somehow fall back into binging-barfing.
    But, I am very very interested in this whole sugar thing!!!! I wanna become more educated on it, Kim! And, I also wanna shed pounds, that is another very important reason why this has caught my attention.
    So many people are now talking about it!!

  4. PS: I haven’t checked out the video from the link I sent you, I’m at work right now, I’ll do it later in the day.

  5. I’ll check out the the blog post. Thanks.

    I highly recommend the book “Sweet Poison”. It’ll blow your mind. You’ll become educated very quickly.

    As I mentioned, it’s also available as an iBook if you’re an iPhone or iPad user. Otherwise it can be purchased from Amazon.

    Well worth the read 😉 Kim*

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