jumping rope

Let me start by introducing you to the Sofi’s world.


Fun. Quirky. Talented. A coffee lover. Full-of-beans.

Her illustrations are amazing.

They never fail to put a smile to my face. I love them all!

Even the one’s that involve Starbucks and Nutella.

And just like a cup of coffee, they’re the perfect way to jump start the day.

So this recent post reminded me about jumping rope. A form of exercise most of us probably haven’t done since our school days.

I referred to it in a previous entry when I suggested it as an alternative to the gym .

One blog I follow posted something on it a while back.

And another has 7-tips on how to jump rope efficiently.

There’s also a video link, but to summarise:

1. use the balls of your feet | great for working the calves
2. keep low | it’s unnecessary to jump high
3. circular motion | don’t swing your arms too much
4. correct length | half the rope should reach from the ground to your sternum
5. waist level | arms comfortably bent with your hands about a foot from your sides
6. rhythm | establish a pace much like you would running
7. practice | you don’t become a pro overnight

It looks very effective as a means of getting fit using an overall body workout whilst burning a heap of calories.

And it’s an inexpensive option too.

What’s not to love?

Kim | 74.0


5 thoughts on “jumping rope

  1. thank you so much! My 5-year-old daughter got a rope as a present and I thought it could be a great idea to use it myself! 😉

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