goals | july

I’ve succeeded with many of the goals set for June.

I almost reached my weigh-in target so I feel like I’m on-track.

I’ve managed to get a handle on both the Hiragana and Katakana characters. And learn about 400 Kanji which is much better than my target of 100.

I haven’t practiced my vocabulary enough but intend to be more diligent this month.

I’m actually taking photographs faster than I can process them but with the Summer rains coming soon I expect there will be less opportunities to get out and shoot.

Both blogging and exercise has been excellent.

And my Skype efforts have been almost daily.

So this has spurred me on to create a bunch of goals for July:

1. weigh-in at 72kg

2. learn 100 new words of Japanese vocabulary
3. learn to write entire Japanese Hiragana alphabet
4. learn to write entire Japanese Katakana alphabet
5. learn to read another 400 Japanese Kanji characters

6. photograph and process images three times a week
7. update both my blogs daily
8. exercise every day during the week, and

9. Skype the family daily whilst I’m overseas

That should continue to keep me going.

Kim | 74.9


2 thoughts on “goals | july

  1. Awesome July goals! I’m working on mine still! I’ll share later. Love both your blogs.
    PS: Removing sugar slowly will become one of my main goals 😉

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