outdoor exercise

A recent article highlighted a study that showed the clear advantage of exercising outdoors.

It then goes on to list further health benefits from outdoor exercise based on research:

1. improved attention and focus
2. more likely to keep exercising
3. less likely to be overweight
4. more energy
5. faster healing, less pain
6. more vitamin D

They all sound like good reasons to me yet none of them are particularly surprising.

Clean air. Sunlight. Wide-open spaces.

As reluctant as I might be to get up early in the morning to go for a run, I know the feeling once it’s done is well worth the effort.

Even a walk or two at some stage during the day is great for clearing the head.

Of course, if you prefer to go to the gym then that’s great and should be applauded.

But you don’t need to overcomplicate exercise if all you really need is a breath-of-fresh-air.

So next time you’re tempted to re-energise with a hit of caffeine, consider stretching the legs with a quick 1020 minute stroll through the park.

Your body and mind will love you for it!

Kim | 73.2


6 thoughts on “outdoor exercise

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  2. I’ve never even been to a gym, not just for me ‘coz I love being outdoors and whenever the temp isn’t possible, I do a little yoga indoors in the coziness of my living room, that way I saved a lot of money 😀 well, that really depends on our own choices.
    thanks for showing me this page. Namaste.

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