chi marathon

I tried to purchase a book the other day and instead found another one called Chi Marathon.

The authors have also written ChiRunning and ChiWalking: here’s a link to their website.

It was the front cover that immediately caught my attention:

“The Breakthrough Natural Running Program for a Pain-Free Half Marathon and Marathon”

Quite a claim. And given my interest in avoiding injury, incredibly opportune.

So I bought it on speculation, hoping that it may have something worthwhile to say.

And what I discovered was a wealth of advice and information that was completely new to me.

Taking the principles and philosophies that act as the foundation of the ancient martial art called Ta’i Chi, they then clearly and succinctly apply it to running. In this case, specifically long-distance running.

Their aim is to have your body moving in such a way that when you walk or run it doesn’t waste energy but instead conserves it and harnesses it so you can then use its full potential.

And in so doing, remain injury-free. I like the sound of that!

The Chi Marathon program is built upon 7 distinct phases:

1. Vision, Goals, and Planning
2. Technique
3. Conditioning
4. Mastery
5. Taper
6. Race Weekend
7. Rest and Renewal

Some of these I have, coincidentally, covered in previous posts.

And this is only an outline as I do not intend to analyse each section right now.

But, suffice to say, I have found what they teach to be a real eye-opener. And I feel that, in the short time that I have been putting their concepts into practice, I have benefitted immensely.

To anyone interested in running, at any level, from novice to elite? I highly recommend that they purchase the book for themselves.

There is far too much information and too many detailed explanations for me to do it justice.

And, although I will touch on each area and other related issues shortly, it will not be my only source of research.

So stay tuned!

Kim | 72.2

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